Review of 1st Edition
“This is a story of triumph over adversity. It follows the life of the protagonist Paul from birth through his foster family, and later with a single father. In adult life he unravells memories of crimes he witnessed and banished from his mind. The journey is carried by his fragmentation and by at least four couples. First is Paul an actor and playwright, and his partner Linden a child psychotherapist mother of twins. Susan his lover, a public prosecutor with a deceased twin sister, in a marriage made difficult by incompatible families of origin. The third an LGTBQ+ couple who bring Paul’s existence and marriage back to life with the help of two police, experts in memory and forgetting – a Lebanese-Australian police investigator, and their Japanese-Australian partner. And the fourth a twisted dying older man with a younger male carer, both known to Paul from a young age. The story reads like a play with its engaging dialogue, and a film with its cinematic depictions. As a novel it works brilliantly, and as a story of a broken divided man coming to their truth, it is heart-warming.
Angela Wagstaff, Co-ordinator, Drama College of the Southern Highlands, Australia.”